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Mar 10, 2013 4:05am EDT
think can happen. think of the bad weather day in new york or san francisco or chicago. those types of delays that you typically get from weather activity. we think you will see because of the pearl activity. i use for example chicago o'hare, where the air feel requires two towers. with one of them out of operation because of furloughs, we would take one of the runways out of operation. that is how we try to measure the impact. the other thing i would mention is that the number of impacted hub cities we think could be fairly significant. when any of those hopes are impacted it disrupts the entire system. >> the challenge i have is when we say significant or big. it doesn't sell like much of a plan as for specificity. i would love to know the breakdown between the payroll cost versus the others. you talk about a one-day furlough for every two weeks of work. is that for the 47,000 employees at the faa? >> yes, it is for the 47,000 employees that would be subject to it. >> how many of those 47,000 employees are actually going to be furloughed? >> the vast majority of the 47,000 employe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1